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The MB team believes that proper wildlife management in both our hunting and fishing trips is our most basic responsibility. Thus, we ensure that every effort is made to only harvest mature animals and in strict abidance to the capability of the land or sea.

With the help of ANGADI, SEMARNAT and Mexico’s Parks & Wildlife Departments, we secure all the necessary permits and tags for both the transportation of firearms and trophies across our borders.

The properties in which our trips take place are all part of the UMA (Certificate of Management of Wildlife for Conservation) program, which certifies that adequate management practices and proper wildlife census have taken place. As of today, there are more than 2,000 certified properties, managing over 9.8 million hectares of natural habitat that protects more than 70 different game species.

This general concept validates the conservation effort made by ethical hunters and fishermen throughout our country. Our team of experienced guides is committed to participate in this effort to protect our most cherished treasure.
Site en español
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