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Year-long trip availability continues to broaden, but the ability to customize according to specific requirements remains. Our trips usually run from Wednesday morning to Sunday afternoon.
Trips can either be fully or partially guided by bilingual associates.
All trips are all-inclusive, except for tips, which are at our guests´ discretion .
Air travel is the responsibility of each guest. Please enquire for recommendations.
A non-refundable deposit of 50% of the total will be due at least six months before the trip. The remaining balance must be settled one month before arrival into Mexico.
A non-liability waiver will be sent to each guest and must be signed and returned prior to each experience.
Even though our trips are generally in close proximity to medical care, we highly recommend that each guest take responsibility for personal needs and suggested vaccines.
A. MB receives request from interested group, specifying location, preferred experience, and dates
B. MB replies with pricing, available dates and general suggestions.
C. Upon agreement with guests, MB will send required paperwork (permits, licenses, suggested vaccines, etc).
D. Guest sends 50% down payment.
E. Guest sends remaining balance at least one month before arrival into Mexico.
F. MB picks up guests at arrival airport or arranges meeting point along the border.
G. Amazing experience takes place.
H. MB delivers guests to the arrival point for their safe return.
I. MB develops trip video upon guest request.
Video and Digital Camera, optimally with telephoto lens or a powerful zoom.
Binoculars (10X40 recommended).
Mosquito repellent.
Baseball hat or sun protecting head gear.
Comfortable hiking boots or shoes and an extra pair of camp shoes.
Fishing gear and tackle is available on board, but you are welcome to bring your own.
Windbreaker and pants for early morning.
Long sleeve t-shirt (for sun protection).
Tennis shoes.
Hat or baseball cap.
Sun glasses.
Sun block and lip balm.
Seasickness pills.
Rifle and Ammo (may be available upon request).
Rifle case (hard, checked as luggage).
Ammo (at least 40 rounds with a hard case and leather pouch).
Lens cleaner.
Video and Digital Camera, optimally with a powerful zoom.
Binoculars (10x40).
Passport and Visa (only applies for certain countries).
International insurance.
Cash for payments in the hunting area.
List of addresses and phone numbers for taxidermist in your country.
Reading material.
Camouflage gear, including baseball cap (pants, jacket, vest, fleece, gloves, wool cap).
Comfortable hiking boots and an extra pair of camp shoes.
Insulated gear, including long underwear as it can get cold in the winter.
Rain coat.
Return clothing.
Sleeping bag for select properties.
Lip Balm and Sunblock.
Duffle bag for your trophy and tags.
Plastic bags (3-5, large size).
Bring your valued items in a carry-on bag.
Medicine Kit (aspirin, alka seltzer, etc).
Site en español
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